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Project Gallery

Straight-Wall Bowl w/ Return Pan

A 21" straight-wall, pharmaceutical, mirror finish, vibratory feeder bowl and base drive to feed 12mm stoppers built to customer specifications manufactured by PikeBuck Industries. This bowl averages 433 parts per minute.



Conical Bowl

13mm Aluminum Flip Cap Feeder Bowl shown in simulated testing phase with a pneumatic cylinder and part return track used to mimic the back pressure and timing once the bowl is put into production.



Dual Lane Bowl

2 Lane Vibratory Feeder Bowl for 13mm stoppers manufactured by PikeBuck Industries. A pneumatic cylinder is being used for testing/runoff to mimic the timing and back pressure of the bowl in production.



Triple Lane Bowl

Vibratory Feeder Bowl with 3 lanes for feeding caps manufactured by PikeBuck Industries.



Large Part / Small Bowl

This 32mm Flip-Top Cap Feeder Bowl was manufactured by PikeBuck Industries. A unique cage track was used for a part that was difficult to twist into the desired feed direction.  The requested part per minute rate was 12.



Straight-Wall Bowl and Inline

Vibratory Feeder System for Bolts manufactured by PikeBuck Industries.



Vibratory Inline Hoppers

Vibratory Hoppers manufactured by PikeBuck Industries & modified to run on the customer-provided cart. They are being run separately to show that the vibration does not transfer through the cart to affect the other hopper.



Parts Quality Control

This feeder system was constructed to be the solution to our customer's problem of miniscule size differences in the bushings. The control is also connected to a sensor, one that will turn the hopper on (when the parts level in the bowl gets low) and off (when it has released enough parts to run for a while). As seen in the video there is also a dual camera system attached to remove the parts that are not to the customer's specifications.



Singulation of Difficult Parts

This system was created as an automation solution to our customer's Rubber O-ring feeding needs. Prior to this system, it was a manual process. The feeder system includes a vibratory hopper, bowl and 5 changeable tracks for different sizes of O-rings. The control is also connected to 2 sensors: one that will turn the hopper on (when the parts level in the bowl gets low) and off (when it has released enough parts to run for a while) and one sensor that will turn the bowl off when the track is full of O-rings and back on again when it is low on parts. This system is shown with our parts counter and part feeding regulator which are used for runoff testing. It was modified to mimic the way the customer's equipment will take the parts and is set at the customer's required ppm speed.



High Speed with Small Footprint

Vibratory Feeder System manufactured by PikeBuck Industries. The hopper can hold 150-200 lbs of nails or screws and is 2 cubic feet in size. The conical bowl is on a 15" base drive. We can achieve 600+ ppm with 3" spiral nails and 300+ ppm with deck screws with no air assist.



Continuous Runoff Testing

Vibratory Feeder Bowl & Base Drive for 13 & 20mm stoppers manufactured by PikeBuck Industries. For testing purposes, an pneumatic cylinder is being used to mimic the bowl's use in live production and returning the parts to the bowl for continuous testing. At PikeBuck Industries, we are set up for continuous, unattended runoff testing if required.