About Us – Overview Video

The PikeBuck story is an American one.


One day, while building vibratory systems for another company, Chad Keppers looked around the shop where he was employed and saw a few things he didn’t like. The quality just wasn’t there. The commitment went only as far as invoice would allow. He knew he could do it better. 

In a few short years, PikeBuck has expanded its clientele and technology. Its customer base continues to grow through word of mouth because Chad refuses to settle. “We didn’t get into this business to make products like everyone else’s. We’re here to be the best there is. My name is on it, and that means something to me.”

Our Philosophy

PikeBuck takes its clients’ specifications, cuts a flat sheet of metal, forms it precisely, welds and bends track, and creates systems that work. Along the way, in nearly every project, there are challenges to overcome. Ways to make the system work better. New processes to invent and master.

From its first days as a startup and onward, PikeBuck lives by the philosophy that its name should mean something to the world. Whether Chad or another employee builds your system, PikeBuck never punches the clock. Every system that leaves the shop will perform perfectly and last longer, no matter how many hours we have to put in.

Who We Are

When PikeBuck owner Chad Keppers isn’t welding and shaping raw steel into precision vibratory systems, you might find him spear-fishing on a northern-Minnesota lake. Or bow hunting amid the crisp autumn air. He could cast a line or use a rifle, but Chad likes a challenge. That’s why his company makes the most precise vibratory systems for industrial and pharmaceutical applications.