Vibratory Feeder Bowl Systems

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We provide custom manufacturing of both Traditional and European style vibratory feeder bowl systems.

The vibratory bowl is an important part of the overall automated feeding system. Any part can be fed in a vibratory feeder bowl, where the parts are taken from a bulk state and oriented to a single or multiple lane tracks. Our systems can be outfitted with integrated add-ons that serve your needs, from automatic starts and stops to noise control.

Our vibratory feeder bowl systems are offered in both pharmaceutical and industrial grade finishes.

Pharmaceutical Grade is defined by stainless steel with all seams welded and ground free of pits and crevices with a hand polished #4 brush finish.

Industrial Grade is defined by stainless steel welded, ground and polished on at least one side or two sides if the application dictates.


This traditional-style bowl features a straight-wall design that uses gravity and electromagnetism to move your part efficiently and smoothly, while orienting each part to your specific needs.


While this design originated from German engineers with an eye for elegance and efficiency, it’s found a home for many of our clients here in the US. Because of the cascading design, parts can be more efficiently oriented and moved with minimal chance for interruptions.

Other Products and Add-Ons We Offer:


  • Automatically meters the parts from a bulk state to a controlled feed to the feeder bowl. The hopper provides more capacity than the feeder bowl and controls the level of parts in the feeder bowl for maximum efficiency by a variable speed controller and bowl level sensor. As an option, hoppers can be urethane coated for abrasion reduction and noise abatement.
  • Vibratory Hopper are used for smaller parts or parts that have small bulk state. Hoppers can be built in capacities of 1/4 cubic feet up to 9 cubic feet.
  • Elevating Belt Hopper are quieter than the vibratory hoppers and have a larger capacity to feed more parts or larger parts. They also have a lower load height of 48″ or less and can be built in capacities of 5 cubic feet to 25 cubic feet.


  • Vibratory Inline Tracks move oriented parts from the feeder bowl discharge to the infeed of the host machine. High level sensors are placed on the tracks to gauge when your parts have filled the desired level at output, shutting off your system automatically, and preventing overfilling.
  • Gravity Track is a declining system that lowers, rather than raises your parts, using the vibratory system in conjunction with gravity for the desired output and configuration.
  • Conveyors deliver similar functions as the tracks, but they provide accumulation and back pressure of the parts for a more productive load of the parts into the host machine. Conveyors are built with an endless loop finger spliced belt and can be built with a pneumatic clutch or brake.

Specialty Products

  • Pick and Place Mechanisms are a programmable method of component placement using machines to automatically pick parts from a feeder, then move to a precise location on a PCB and place them in the correct site.
  • Vision Systems are used for quality control to check dimensions, angles, color or surface structure or for the recognition of a part.

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